We need national unification and the formation of an expert government, says the opposition


It is necessary to have a common national position as soon as possible, because the ruling coalition has no legitimacy to make important state decisions, especially regarding Macedonia’s European integration processes, said former Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski, MP and President of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, after it was announced earlier on Tuesday evening that Bulgaria had vetoed the holding of an intergovernmental conference for the start of negotiations for Macedonia’s membership in the European Union.

“The 62-member coalition does not have broad political legitimacy to make such state decisions, whether they close the door to the EU in the short or long term. A broad political consensus needs to be reached in which direction the country will move in the next three, five or ten years. It cannot be decided only by those 62 MPs because they represent half of the citizens who supported them, but the other half of the citizens who do not trust the government should not be underestimated either,” Miloshoski said.

He stands firmly on his position that the country needs national unification, as well as the formation of an expert government.

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