Dr. Trajkovski: We need a lockdown, the virus is everywhere, masks do not help


Each entry into a public closed space is already a risk to health and life, so we ask to be protected by knocking down the numbers through an emergency total lockdown, albeit short-lived, says Bitola doctor Dejan Trajkovski, emphasizing that we can no longer protect ourselves, no matter how much we want to.

“It is clear to me that they do not care that the people get sick and die en masse, I just do not understand how they are not afraid of themselves and their families? Do they not have an elderly person in the family or are they so sure that they are untouchable? Do they not realize that they have flooded the country with viruses and that they are indirectly responsible for the deaths of 1,400 people?

“With such a widespread circulation of the virus, even indoor masks no longer help. It does not help to maintain a distance, the concentration of viruses in the air is too high and is sufficient for infection even through masks. It is not the same whether there are one or ten infected people in the room, ten times more infected and the concentration of viruses is ten times higher. Do they think that everyone who got infected got infected only due to personal negligence?”, said Trajkovski.

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