Arsovski: Zaev lied that he has written guarantees for a date, whether and how many business concessions he has promised to Bulgaria?


Bulgaria’s veto on our European integration has a name and surname, that is Zoran Zaev. He gambled with the Macedonian national interests, he gambled with the identity, with the people, that is, he played all in and lost, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski at today’s press briefing.

“He was not the only one who lost, the whole Macedonian people lost because of his gambling. Zaev promised for three years that he protected the identity, the language and the people, that he received written guarantees for a date for the start of negotiations and what not. But he lied shamelessly and that is why I ask you to watch a video where he lied to the entire Macedonian people. Zoran Zaev looked the citizens in the eyes and lied to them and still lies to them. But everything is already crystal clear; there is no one to lie to anymore. His fake diplomacy and bent back are defeated. Macedonia with Zaev is left in the wind. There are no red lines, no concrete identity, no date. Hence, there are open suspicions that Zaev, in order to protect himself, goes even deeper into his marketing and offers everything he can offer,” says Arsovski.

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