Doctors urge citizens: We are exhausted, but we are not giving up, help us to help you (VIDEO)


In a video message promoted Saturday, seven doctors are urging the citizens to be their support after being on the frontlines in the past nine months.

“We have been trying to never let patients be left behind without receiving the medical treatment they need. An end is not is sight and only united can we contribute in order to help our patients. Please! Adhere to the measures, wears masks, maintain distance. It is the only way to win this fight,” urge the doctors Milena Stevanovikj, Dejan Dokikj, Kalina Grivcheva-Stardelova, Ilir Demiri, Irena Rambabova-Bushljetikj, Dimitar Karkinksi and medical technician Sabri Aziri.

Medical workers have been tireless in treating and taking care of patients, says the Health Ministry.

“Hospitals are nearing capacity, it is becoming more difficult to maintain the dynamic of treating and admitting new patients. The medial workers are exhausted, but they are not giving up. Let us be responsible and take care of our health and the health of our loved ones,” the Ministry says in a statement.

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