Byrnes: Bilateral disputes should be resolved beyond the scope of the integration process


We hope that North Macedonia will resume the European Union accession process. We have clearly stated our wish to see the first intergovernmental conference by the end of the year. We see North Macedonia’s EU accession as a common interest, United States Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes told Telma TV.

According to Ambassador Byrnes, bilateral disputes should be resolved beyond the scope of the integration process.

“We are disappointed to see Bulgaria blocking the progress. This is really important and we are continuing our communication in Bulgaria and North Macedonia so that both countries resume solving bilateral disputes outside and separately from the Euro-integration process,” says Byrnes.

She calls on all political parties to unite around two key challenges for the country – fight against COVID-19 and EU-related reforms.

“The first thing that citizens want is solutions. It is easy to point out the challenges, to criticize, but the difficult thing is to work together on effective solutions. We hope that the opposition, all political parties, all organizations will stand behind these two goals. The primary objective is to protect the people’s health and the second is to invest in a positive future that comes with the reform agenda and progress on the Euro-Atlantic path,” underlines U.S. Ambassador Byrnes.

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