Karakachanov commends Zaev: He made a small step in the right direction


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov commended Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev for his view expressed in an interview with BGNES, which caused a storm of negative reactions in our country.

Karakachanov welcomed the part in which Zaev confirmed the existence of the Macedonian identity and language, but also acknowledged the common history with Bulgaria.

“What he (ZoranZaev) did was commendable. He found courage, something which his opponents are criticizing. If he carries on like this, I think we’ll be able to discuss next year the start of accession negotiations,” Karakachanov said.

However, Karakachanov said he preferred not to believe in statements and interviews, but to see what was being done.

“Until two months ago, the things he said about our common story, about some ordinary characters, were unthinkable to hear. A step forward. The story is common, but we need to clarify what is what. However, that is Bulgarian history,” said Karakachanov, reports Bulgarian BTV.

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