(VIDEO) Nikoloski: Let’s unite against Zaev’s national shame and humiliation


Let’s not allow Zaev’s shame to become a collective shame. Two days after the scandalous interview, instead of Zoran Zaev apologizing and withdrawing his statements that go against the foundations of the Macedonian state and the independence of the Macedonian people, he goes even deeper into empty phrases, insults to his people, historical misinterpretations and dramatically destroys the positions of his own state and people, Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski said at Friday’s press conference.

“Zaev is isolated in the intention to erase the Macedonian national identity, to give up history, and thus cause damage to the state that will have far-reaching consequences that mean that the Macedonian state has no right to be based on the Ilinden and anti-fascist heritage, that is what Zoran Zaev is doing these days.

If Zaev declares the occupiers as liberators, then Zaev puts the Macedonian anti-fascists who are the real liberators on the other side, and we know very well that the anti-fascist struggle was based on the Ilinden struggle, we know well that the anti-fascist struggle is a continuation of the Ilinden dream.This meas that Zoran Zaev abolishes the Macedonian statehood, as well as the tradition of the national liberation struggles from the Ilinden period and the anti-fascist period, contrary to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia,” he said.

“Why is Zoran Zaev doing this? For position, for power and business interests, for his companies in Macedonia, but also for his companies in Bulgaria. He does it for staying in power and a little more financial benefit and interest for him and his close ones, that is the sad truth,” Nikoloski points out.

He says that the consequences of his views in the further talks are inconceivable and that what he is doing is a complete destruction of the positions of the Republic of Macedonia on a permanent basis.

“It is time for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia to unite against this national shame and national humiliation. Only with the resignation of Zoran Zaev and a vote of no confidence in the Government he leads will there be a chance to improve the Macedonian negotiating positions and also to restore the Macedonian national dignity,” Nikoloski said.

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