Mickoski tells Bulgaria not to hope for retouching history with quislings


If you think that by supporting quislings in Macedonia you will succeed, you are wrong, neither he nor this government will retouch history. This protest of ours here today is more than partisan, this protest of ours is of the people against the bad policies that bring a bad life and ruined dignity. We will win together, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at the protest in front of the Government.

“I would like just four more messages in my address today. The first message is to the politicians of our eastern neighbor. If you think that you invented, found or supported a quisling or quisling government here in Macedonia, you are wrong, neither that quisling, nor this quisling government will erase from our collective memory and from our hearts the role, character and work of Dame, Goce, Pitu, Hadzi Arsov,  Hadzi Nikolov, Pop Arsov because they fought for a new modern Macedonian state,” said Mickoski.


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