Macedonian healthcare in which “everything is under control” sets world anti-records in the COVID-19 pandemic (PHOTO)


Health Minister Venko Filipche, with his “everything is under control” PR slogan climbed Macedonia to the top of the world in terms of mortality of patients infected with the new coronavirus and as the data from world statistics show, if Macedonia continues with such trends, it could very soon become one of the worst countries to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the passivity of the minister and by not taking appropriate restrictive measures as advised and warned by many domestic experts, the public fears that the worst-case scenario could happen in the country.

The diagram shows the current seven-day averages of the daily deaths per million inhabitants of the 13 countries with the highest cumulative death toll since the beginning of the epidemic to date, also per million inhabitants. Macedonia is the worst and one of the worst in the world.

Citizens warn that a curfew is needed to stop the spread of the epidemic, but the minister said there was no need for a curfew and that the peak had been overcome.

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