SDSM MP Kiracovski: If we don’t get a negotiations date in December, Dimitrov should resign!


Former SDSM Secretary General and MP Aleksandar Kiracovski, in an interview with Fokus, said that Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Nikola Dimitrov should resign if the country does not get a date for negotiations with the EU in December.

“Based on the factual situation, the still present rhetoric of Karakachanov and Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva and the upcoming elections in Bulgaria next year, the probability of getting a date for negotiations in December is very low. It is unfair, but that is the reality that instead of being a barrage of attacks on each other, we should turn it into a demonstration of national unity. But in that case there must be an appropriate reaction to the international community. Not written or announced, but real and expressed through the dignified resignation of former Minister of Foreign Affairs and current Minister of European Integration Nikola Dimitrov. So that I am not immediately misunderstood – I am talking about a heroic and dignified resignation that will send a strong message that the unjustified delay of our EU integration, beyond our power and guilt, becomes unacceptable and does not cost much. The first argument for that move lies in the dislocation of his current position (which as a message should remain empty) without the start of negotiations with the EU, and the second argument is related to naivety (during his, for the sake of truth, very successful ministry with foreign policy) to sign and ratify an agreement with the Republic of Bulgaria which does not have strong international guarantees that history remains with historians, and our start of EU negotiations is unconditional and independent of the outcome of the Commission on Historical and Educational Affairs. That does not prevent him from being re-engaged in important processes, and in the future, as soon as the negotiations start, to make an even more dignified comeback,” said Kiracovski in an interview with Fokus.

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