Alliance for Albanians leader: Bulgaria should recognize the Macedonian minority


If good neighborliness is one of the main priorities and conditions for joining the EU, I think that neighbors should recognize each other. Without it, it is futile to open other topics. This means that the neighbors should recognize their minorities, we here in Macedonia the Bulgarian minority, and in Bulgaria the Macedonian minority, said the leader of the Alliance for Albanians Zijadin Sela in an interview with TV 24.

Asked what he bases his statement on when he says that Bulgaria still has territorial claims to Macedonia, Sela replied:

“If someone disputes your identity and language, I do not know what else it means. It blocks you from being part of the EU, I am not claiming that it can happen here, but someone should ask those who ask, what will happen to this country. This issue should not block Macedonia towards the EU, there are examples of other countries that have had neighbors and such disputes, so they may not be resolved yet, and are part of the EU. Historical disputes should be resolved by historians,” he said.

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