MP Miloshoski: Zaev and the undemocratic Parliament


A government running away from the Parliament is neither democratic nor transparent, VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski wrote on Facebook.

Today, the Bulgarian part of the mixed historical commission, a day before the new online meeting with Macedonian historians (December 3-4), will report on the work done and the positions before the Foreign Policy Committee of the Bulgarian National Assembly, in order to show the supra-party unity of all political entities regarding the imposed historical issues with Macedonia.

Meanwhile in Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov runs away from the Parliament like he’s running from the devil.

In the past 3 months, both the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and her Deputy Prime Minister have had 3 hours of speeches, discussions, questions and answers in front of their MPs from all political parties. By doing so, they show a democratic culture and respect for the elected representatives.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani is running away from the Macedonian Parliament as an unprepared high school student from a math class.

And in all this behavior, Zaev talks about an inefficient Parliament, which is just a shameful manipulation for the undemocratic attitude of the government towards the parliament. Lists European practices, and proposes unconstitutional online sessions (Articles 6-9). And European standards, in Austria, Bulgaria, France and the Netherlands, are short and clear: the democratic capacity of each government is measured by its presence and accountability to Parliament, as a control mechanism in democracies. Therefore, RESIGNATION!

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