Zaev expects Bulgaria to make a step forward


The Prespa Agreement makes a clear distinction when the adjective “Macedonian” is used, it is our identity adjective. The way forward are solutions through debate and conversation. I really expect a friendly Bulgaria to make a step forward, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Saturday.

He regrets that the Commission has not taken a more serious step.

According to Zaev, the decisions with minutes were confirmed by both sides for Tsar Samuel and Cyril and Methodius and for Clement and Naum, the use by both sides in the textbooks should be in the spirit of the friendship through which it was found.

The debate they had and whether those 25 sentences are enough to be in the textbooks themselves or we should talk additionally about Tsar Samuel or other historical figures for whom they have no reservations, nor is there anything against either the Macedonian or the Bulgarian side. which is the reason for not finding a solution. I believe that this is the way, there is no other way, said Zaev.

He is optimistic that Bulgaria will make a positive step towards our European integration, although the country expects elections in March next year.

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