Mickoski: In 100 days we have a veto, identity trade, more expensive electricity, second TAT, recession


Old government, ruined 100 new days. Crime, corruption, racketeering, poverty of the people. 100 days of government, 100 days of chaos in the country, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said at Wednesday’s press conference on the occasion of 100 days since the government was elected.

“SDSM promised life, that they could do better, they could do more, and in 100 days we got: Veto on the road to the EU – lost integration. Trading with the identity – lost dignity. 1,400 lives lost in just 100 days. More expensive electricity. Lost savings – failed bank. Second TAT, this time worth 200 million euros. Economy in recession. These are not things that happened in 10 years, but LOSSES in 100 days Zaev’s government,” Mickoski said.

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