Microbiologist Panovski: Lack of protocols has put our country among the top seven on the world mortality list


Maybe with 400 thousand vaccines it may be good, but I think with 800 thousand the work would be done, said the professor of microbiology Nikola Panovski

According to him, he should wait for the summer to come and the situation to pass, probably not completely, but from September next year everything can start.

For the upcoming holidays, he says that he will still have to be only with his loved ones without gatherings.

“If we are disciplined in this period, I think the number of new cases will start to fall if the same number of tests remains, then the number of hospitalized, deceased will decrease and so on until March, when the vaccine starts,” Panovski said.

According to him, the lack of attitude and protocols put the country in the high seventh place on the world list according to the mortality of one million inhabitants in the coronavirus epidemic.

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