Miloshoski: National European position, which will mean determining the framework of the Macedonian national identity as a European value


We as a neighboring country have the right to be dissatisfied with the way Bulgaria has set itself in this case with the veto on Macedonia. But there are also political messages or actions from which we can learn. One procedure from which Macedonia can learn from Bulgaria is building national unity. In Bulgaria, regardless of the outcome of the elections, today and after three or four months I expect that they will adhere to the memorandum and declaration that was voted non-part sanly in the Bulgarian National Assembly, Antonio Miloshoski from the ranks of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE told Sitel TV.

Miloshoski believes that Macedonia in the meantime, instead of waiting, it is good at the initiative of the President, the Government, the opposition, the Parliament to be able to gather forces at a leadership meeting and a plenary session, open or closed according to the Government with what information is available, to discuss a national European position that will mean establishing the framework of our national identity as a European value.

He added that if one looks at the economic parameters – trade, imports, exports, they themselves will tell the country in which direction it should continue to move. The Macedonian economy, exports, investments, education, health, diaspora are closely related to European countries. And that’s why he thinks that path should be continued.

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