Spasovski: Bulgaria made a geostrategic mistake, it will harm Bulgaria as well


Bulgaria’s veto was one of the topics that Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski debated about on TV 21’s “Klik plus” show Thursday evening.

Spasovski reiterated the position of SDSM leader and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who said that Bulgaria’s decision was a grave geostrategic mistake.

“We have a serious geostrategic mistake of Bulgaria, which denies its views, and the motto with which it presided over the EU, and that is to do everything for the Balkans. Failure to open the European perspective of the Balkan countries will not only bring damage to North Macedonia and Albania, it will also cause serious damage to Bulgaria,” Spasovski said.

The Minister of Interior believes that a stable Balkans means a stable Europe.

“The Balkans is an element of stability in Europe as well. We all know what happened in times when there was any unrest in the Balkan countries,” added Spasovski, who said the country would continue to be committed to the European path, and that there was no alternative to European Union membership.


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