Stoilkovski: Does Zaev decide who should go or not go to prison?


Not a day goes by without a new testimony coming to light about the government and dictatorship in Macedonia, especially when it comes to the “Racket” case, the biggest racketeering crime, worth millions of euros. Evidence of communication via Viber was presented at a court hearing Thursday, from which it is clear that Zoran Zaev manages the trial for the “Racket”, and from which it becomes clear that Zaev has influence over judges and public prosecutors, said VMRO- DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at a press conference.

“According to the presented Viber communication before the court, between Zoran Bashanovic, a close associate of Zaev and Jasna Mandic, the accused director of the International Association, proves the commitment and urgency of Zaev to order who goes to prison, who is in custody, and who is under house arrest. Messages from Zoran Zaev to Zoran Bashanovic were read in court, in response to the requested assistance from Jasna Mandic to Zaev. Zaev in the presented message wrote “I will ask the Public Prosecutor and the Court to decide on a lighter sentence, and not a prison sentence.” Immediately afterwards he wrote “My friend, there is evidence for Jasna, they tell me. But I will try to not be a detention”, and at the end he addressed him with the message “She will not be ordered detention”. As a reminder, Jasna Mandic did not go to a prison cell then, but received a lighter measure, house arrest. From here the unequivocal situation becomes clear: Zoran Zaev has an insight into the work of the third government – the judiciary. Who is the one who refers to Zaev for prosecution cases and is that how all the processes end? Zaev approves prosecutorial investigations and prosecution acts, and they are conducted only upon his request and approval,” says Stoilkovski.

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