Mickoski demands urgent leaders’ meeting: 100 days of lost lives, future, money…


These are the worst 100 days any Government has had so far. In 100 days we had the EU veto, we entered into a recession, we have a failed bank in a scandal worth 200 million EUR, electricity price hikes, and worst of all, 1,400 of our fellow citizens lost their lives due to the pandemic and the acute incompetence of the healthcare system. The Government demands to be given a respite for 100 days. But this is not a new Government. It’s the same Government that took four years of our lives. Zaev’s lies that he will secure a safe, European future for us have failed.

He is gambling “all in” with our lives and losing. This Government has no legitimacy, Mickoski said at a press conference on Monday, commenting the 100 days of Zaev’s government.

He emphasized that the losses in the healthcare are unfortunately paid with human lives due to the inadequate management of the healthcare system.

“Death toll is extremely high. We are seventh in the world due to the incompetence of Filipche and Zaev. There is a shortage of medical staff and 3,000 healthcare workers are registered with the Employment Agency. We should not waste words on the Clinical Center”, said Mickoski.

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