Pahor: What happened with Macedonia is discouraging for the Western Balkans


Speaking at the 10th To Be Secure (2BS) forum on Friday, President of Slovenia Borut Pahor expressed disappointment that the enlargement policy is currently not high on the European Union agenda.

He noted that what happened with North Macedonia is discouraging for the Western Balkan countries.

“The country fulfilled everything it was required to, they did everything needed to be done, and the European Union stopped short,” the Slovenian President said, adding that it is a big mistake which would be difficult to correct.

“My task is to remind my colleagues that this issue must not be ignored,” Pahor pointed out.

“I really regret that Brussels is currently burdened with other problems, starting with the health crisis, then Brexit and other issues, so the EU enlargement to Western Balkan countries is not a priority,” Pahor told the 2BS forum.

According to Pahor, CdM news portal reports, Brussels would make a wise decision to immediately bolster negotiations with candidate countries in the region, of course, provided that they all “do their job.”

He added it would be good that the EU viewed Western Balkan countries as one bloc, and accept them into the Union as such.

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