Hospitality businesses to suffer damages in the amount of EUR 18-22 million due to new measures


The Independent Catering Chamber does not agree with the new proposed measures of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, among which if the Government adopts them, the working hours of the hospitality facilities will be until 18:00 during the holidays, i.e. from December 18 to January 21.

The chamber says that they respect all previous decisions, and if new ones are adopted, the Government should immediately adopt a new set of direct measures for caterers that will help compensate for losses and damages. Our attention today, they say, is focused on the scheduled session of the Government at which these decisions should be reviewed and adopted. According to our rough initial economic assessments, the new restrictive measure of the caterers will bring direct losses or damage in the amount of 18-22 million euros in the hospitality industry, which if the Government does not intervene in time, the hospitality businesses will have to look for ways to cover it, even though they will not be able to work.

They point out that the new decision will force some hospitality businesses to re-rationalize costs, especially in terms of employees, with the exception of those who managed to use wage subsidies that are forced to keep their employees in the next 2 months despite they will not be able to work, i.e. they will not have the conditions to provide work and income.


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