SONK: A pilot project first, and then decide whether to merge school subjects


The Education Ministry should not be in a hurry with the implementation of the plan for merging cases, the largest trade union in education, urged the Teachers’ Union SONK.

The union proposes that the Ministry should prepare a pilot project first, see the results of it, and only then apply it, according to those results.

SONK head Jakim Nedelkovski in a statement for Sitel says that it is still unknown how the classes will be organized. According to him, the most important thing is that no teacher loses their job.

“In that one subject, the integration would be, for example, if there are four subjects, what percentage would be included in these subjects? How much would it be in the fund of a teacher’s classes and whether it will be important for the formation of the general grade, which is also very important,” says Nedelkovski in a statement for Sitel TV.

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