Carovska: Scientific disciplines will not be canceled, nor will teachers lose their jobs


Scientific disciplines will not be abolished from the curriculum, nor will teachers lose with the education reform,” said Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska at an online meeting with primary school teachers.

“We do not abolish any scientific discipline, because we strive to make a quality education in which our students will gain all the knowledge, including history,” said Carovska.

Regarding the reactions that by integrating cases part of the staff will lose their jobs, the Minister sent a message at the meeting that this will not happen but on the contrary will threaten the staff.

“Teachers will get more autonomy in the design and implementation of classes, as well as greater support from the system. This is one of my key commitments that will raise the motivation of teachers and the quality of teaching. Therefore, as much as the reform will be a benefit for students, it is exactly a benefit for teachers and educational workers,” said Carovska.

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