Vasilevska: Nowhere in the world is the population registered only as citizens, an attempt for behind-the-scenes manipulations of the government


We really want to conduct a real and credible census of the population that will benefit the Macedonian citizens and the Macedonian future. But a unitary future. Why am I emphasizing this? Citizens are not listed anywhere in the world. I am here to say the big hypocritical, insincere and I will repeat the extremely tendentious maneuver by the government, said Ivanka Vasilevska, MP of  VMRO-DPMNE and the “Renewal of Macedonia” coalition in the morning show on Alfa TV.

Vasilevska added that the government is trying to push maneuver with the census, only to push the population count only as citizens.

“The government has an underground campaign and a fear has been spreading among Macedonian citizens for some time that if they do not register, their citizenship will be revoked. Such a thing should not exist, because no law of the world should do such a thing. What is listed? The resident population that has been in a certain place of residence in Macedonia for at least 12 months is listed. Those who are less than 12 months or more than 12 months away from the country sign at the place where they work, stay temporarily and so on. It does not affect their citizenship status,” Vasilevska explained.



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