Czech MFA: The dispute between North Macedonia and Bulgaria should not be included to be part of the EU accession talks


The Czech Republic is deeply disappointed after the negotiating framework for North Macedonia, which would have officially marked the start of negotiations, wasn’t approved, the country’s Foreign Ministry told Deutsche Welle.

The Ministry said the country will not allow the conclusions with the term ‘misinterpretation of history’ to be adopted after being proposed by the German presidency in line with Bulgaria’s demands.

Other EU countries have also voiced concern over the conclusions, said the Ministry.

“The Czech Republic has always been a supporter of the enlargement policy in the past 16 years. It hasn’t changed now with this decision. However, after careful consideration, we couldn’t approve the draft,” it was noted.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the main objective is to see the negotiating framework being adopted as soon as possible.

“Upon careful consideration we were unable to give our consent to the draft presented for approval. The text, as it stands, contained elements including the notion of falsifying history that in our view would be hugely detrimental to the enlargement process and could potentially bring about further complications down the road,” it said when asked for comment on the joint statement issued yesterday by the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Czech Republic believes the dispute between North Macedonia and Bulgaria should be solved bilaterally, by the two countries, and it should not be included to be part of the EU accession talks.

“Our role is to support them given our experience from the reconciliation process. We’re equally convinced that a solution could be found for their demands to be adjusted,” said the Czech Foreign Ministry.

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