Dimitrieska Kochoska: Zaev promises the same projects in the budget from 4 years ago that he did not implement


With this budget, there is a benefit only for the businesses of Zoran Zaev instead of the citizens. There are no investments, and most of the spending is unproductive, said VMRO-DPMNE EC member Gordana Dimitrieska Kochoska on Monday, as a reaction to the press conference held by PM Zaev.

“Zaev devoted a whole topic from his press conference to marijuana and additional legal solutions and benefits for the growers of medical cannabis, a business in which his family is deeply involved and where millions are turned, the people are counting days until the end of the month, said Dimitrieska Kochoska.

We have only heard new lies today, she added, and we see the same old practices. A huge and unrealistic budget of over 4 billion euros, money that is wasted.

“If we imagine the budget as 1000 denars, the government gives 127 denars from it for salaries of the public administration, 86 denars for procurement of goods and various services, 656 denars go for all transfers implemented by the government, 38 denars are given for interest, and only 23 denars for capital investments. Simplified, out of 1000 denars that the government has through the budget, only 93 denars are allocated for the future and development of the country, all other money is spent unproductively and for the so-called buy and sell policy. And the saddest thing is that that this government does not have those 1000 denars, but only 859 denars, the other 141 denars are borrowed,” said Dimitrieska Kochoska.

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