Prisoners submit 174 amnesty requests to Pendarovski


The end of the year is the period when the president of the country, based on his constitutional powers, has the opportunity to amnesty persons serving prison sentences for various reasons, while the amnesty is made on the basis of applicable laws and the whole procedure is implements through the Ministry of Justice, wrote

This year, a total of 174 requests for amnesty for prisoners have been submitted to President Stevo Pendarovski, the Zurnal news agency reported, citing sources from the President’s Office.

“The amnesty procedure is carried out upon the request of the convicts, which is submitted to the President of the Republic of Macedonia through the Court that made the decision in the first instance imposing the sanction,” explained the Cabinet of the President for the Journal on how the procedure for requests for amnesty.

The procedure then continues in the Ministry of Justice.

Immediately after receiving the request, the Minister of Justice reviews it along with the other documents and together with the proposal sends it to the President of the Republic, said the President’s Office.

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