Biologists, chemists, technologists and physicists send a letter of remarks to Carovska’s announced education reforms


The Macedonian Biological Society (MBD), the Union of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia (SHTM) and the Society of Physicists of Macedonia (DFRM), in a letter to the Minister of Education and Science, Mila Carovska, say that they support reforms in education in science, but that experts should be involved in the process and the same reforms should not be done in a hurry.

Their letter to the Minister, among other things, states:
We would like to point out that reforms should not be planned:
– Without the involvement of the competent domestic professionals and direct participants in the realization of the teaching from the very beginning in creating the concept,
– Without enough time for:
– Preparation of subject programs for one subject within the whole educational cycle as a whole, especially if major changes are planned,
– Preparation/provision of the necessary materials and teaching aids
– equipping laboratories in schools,
– Appropriate trainings for the teaching staff for conducting teaching in a new way and in new conditions.

We believe that you as a Minister are aware that the introduction of hasty and insufficiently thought out reform in education leads to more problems than benefits despite the enthusiasm and goodwill with which it begins! The history of changes in education in our country indicates that the hasty reforms often negatively affect the knowledge of students, especially in the subjects of the group of natural sciences, physics, chemistry and biology.
The letter was signed by the Presidents of MBD, SHTM and DFRM.

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