Nikoloski: Due to business dealings, Zaev does not respond to statements from Sofia


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev did not react at all to the insulting statements coming from Sofia, as well as to the claims of the opposition in Macedonia, because he negotiated business deals with the Bulgarian authorities, and at the same time the country lost three years in joining the EU, he said on Thursday. in the evening, said Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Aleksandar Nikoloski, in an interview with Alfa TV’s “Zaspij ako mozhesh” show.

“Zaev has been running away for two weeks to give answers. First, to answer why he does not answer me if he knew that his vice president Dimitrov gossiped to journalists and creators of public opinion that Zaev was ready to sign everything but the “great patriot”, Dimitrov and the Skopje wing of SDSM prevented him, although for me both are the same. Secondly, is it true that Zaev’s close associates are working to discriminate against members of the Commission for talks with Bulgaria and Zaev against a commission that will sign his views. Third question, in at least two statements by top Bulgarian officials such as Zaharieva, who is extremely hostile, said that other countries were against, but they are against Zaev’s corruption, and President Rumen Radev said that Bulgaria did not cause problems until October 2019, but started making them after that. This coincides with what I am saying, and that is that in June 2019, Macedonia put the government in a group with Albania and backed it, and I said that they have such a plan and it was confirmed,” said Nikoloski.

According to him, the EU gave Zaev time to implement administrative reforms that he does not have, security sector reforms that passed thanks to the opposition and the fight against corruption, and here the “Racket” case appeared to the government.
He assessed that after Zaev did not meet the requirements, the Bulgarian position was followed in a document in the local parliament, and then the Bulgarian position enters as the position of the EU this spring.

“When I announced this this year, I was accused and my conclusion turned out to be correct. It’s either Zaev and the government that are to blame for three lost years and that Macedonia is not in the EU,” said Nikoloski, pointing out that the government does not react to the statements of the Bulgarian representatives because it has business deals made with them.

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