Yes to educational reforms, but not hasty and insignificant ones


In an interview for Kanal 77’s “Stadion” show, Chairwoman of the Commission for Education and Science of VMRO-DPMNE, dr Vesna Janevska said that as a party they are absolutely in favor of reforms, and the remarks are in relation to the offered concept.

She says that any reform in learning should be appropriate to the country in which it is done, appropriate to the mentality of the population, especially changing the matrix.

“I would say changing the mentality and education of the teaching staff. When starting a reform one should take into account the resources that are available and should be built so that that reform can be implemented. I think that the concept is a bit vulgar with the fact that it is not finalized, okay it is an idea, a concept but still there should have been more answers to the questions,” says Janevska.

Regarding the integration of existing school subjects into one, she says that there is no need for such a thing, the envisaged conception can be implemented without integrating the subjects.

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