A touching story hides behind Mickoski’s last emotional status for little Angel


Two hours before the New Year, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE wrote a personal status that contains the touching story of little Angel who is a premature baby who suffers from a disease that has not yet been determined with certainty and endangers his fragile health.

“Angel… that is his name, a real angel. All this will pass as a bad dream, and we together will rejoice. At the end of this 2020 I want you to know that you motivated me for even stronger battles. Angel’s worth fighting together and knowing that we will win. Angel, have a happy New Year,” Mickoski wrote.

Angel is a child from Lisiche who was born in the 27th week, stuck in the labyrinths of the hospital. His parents still do not know for sure what disease they are dealing with. Doctors with a divided opinion between scoliosis or cerebral palsy, but what is known for sure must be acted upon quickly. Insiders in the case are calling for the attention of health authorities and Health Minister Venko Filipce to be sought in a Turkish hospital.

The photo that Mickoski published was taken a few days ago when he visited their home. The very touching story of parents who fight not only disease but also poverty and social insecurity makes this life story even more dramatic.

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