Mayor of Petrinja: I will return the aid to the state


Mayor of Croatia’s Petrinja Darinko Dumbovic announced that he will return to the state the allocated 30 million kuna aid for the earthquake.

According to Jutarnji list, he will do that, because, as he said: “the state does not look at the people and the damage, but at the political affiliation”.

I slept on it and I decided. I will not take the 30 million kuna that the county Ivo Shinic out of a total of 100 million for the areas affected by the earthquake, gave to Petrinja. If the government wants to help the people of Petrinja, let them send us help directly, based on an expert assessment.

There is not a single institution in the city that is undamaged. We were left without electricity, water, it is constantly shaking, bricks are falling. What I am most afraid of is that another person will not be injured. It took us twenty years to rebuild the city, and now we have to demolish two schools, the cadastre, the court, the former post office, the whole center,” Dumbovic said.

He says aid is being distributed to both those who need it and those who do not.

“Petrinja has 24,000 inhabitants, and Glina has no more than 2,000, and 9,000 with the surrounding villages. If you give 30 million kuna out of 100 million kuna to Petrinja and 25 million to Glina, then someone should explain to me the criteria according to which the funds are divided, if it is not political,” said the mayor.


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