Over half a million citizens live on 130 denars a day, but to Zaev it is proof that the economy is alive


Enormous poverty, over 50 thousand citizens on the streets, wage arrears, closed factories, a realistic picture in recent months in Macedonia. But according to Tuesday’s press conference of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, the economy in the country is alive and well.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev convinced the citizens that there is no recession in Macedonia.

Accordint to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, it seems that the Eurostat data a month ago did not exist, where Macedonia was noted as the third poorest country on the European continent. And that data meant that Macedonia would need decades to reach the economic standards of the rest of the EU and have weak economic potential. Eurostat also noted that Macedonia has the third lowest GDP.

Zaev denies these data and further assures that the Macedonian economy is “stable, alive and dynamic”.

“The government was here to support the citizens, both health and economically. Total tax revenues are a result of 189.9 billion denars. We also note a positive trend in contributions, 102% or 2% more than planned. Goods and services decreased to 85%, i.e. only 5% less than last year. We set aside over 11.2 billion euros for the four packages of economic measures. The Macedonian economy is stable, vibrant and dynamic. The effects are visible,” said PM Zaev.


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