List of candidates for SEC members published, each party with its own proposals


Fourteen candidates including former and current SEC members, employees in the electoral body as well as lawyers have submitted applications for election of SEC members.

The opposition party VMRO-DPMNE will nominate Aleksandar Dashtevski for the post of President of the SEC. The opposition party most likely is to support Boban Stojanovski to be nominated for the member of SEC. The Alliance of Albanians/Alternativa coalition will likely support party candidate Krenar Loga, while DUI will support Ditmire Shehu.

The ruling SDSM says that the members of the highest electoral body would be the current members Janake Vitanovski, Boris Kondarko, and Oliver Ristovski, former Minister of Justice, and Ljupka Guguchevska, spokeswoman for the SEC, are also in the running.

Other candidates are: Beti Gjorgievska, Radica Risteska, Elizabeta Postolovska, Dimitar Spaseski and Zoran Mihajloski.There is still no information who would be a member of the SEC in the announcement released by the Parliament before the New Year, 14 candidates have applied, and the Commission for Elections and Changes should determine the list on Monday.


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