Presidential candidate Naser Ziberi nominated for Ombudsman


The Parliamentary Committee on Elections and Appointments determined the list of registered candidates for election of President and members of the SEC, and at the proposal of DUI, Naser Ziber with seven votes “for” was determined as a candidate for Ombudsman.

Four people applied to the ad for a new ombudsman, which was announced at the end of November.

DUI MP Teuta Biljali Zendeli at the session proposed Naser Ziberi to be determined as a candidate for the Ombudsman Commission.

The parliamentary group of the Alliance of Albanians and Alternativa reacted after this.

Surija Rushiti from the Alliance of Albanians demanded that the procedure for the election of the Ombudsman be terminated and that another candidate be discussed, who would be nominated by the Albanian opposition parties. AA and Alternative say that Ziberi was promised this position before the elections, when he took over as DUI’s prime ministerial candidate.

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