Nikolovski: No one is untouchable, 2021 will be year of anti-corruption


Deputy PM for the fight against corruption and crime, sustainable development and human resources, Ljupcho Nikolovski, presented at a press conference on Monday activities set to be undertaken in 2021, including integrity testing of cabinet members and their advisors and limiting use of official credit cards, cars and other property at office holders’ disposal.

Nikolovski stressed that no one is untouchable and that everyone who breaks the law will have to bear the consequences. Special focus, he added, will be put on suspected high corruption cases.

2021, the Deputy PM said, will be a year of anti-corruption and raising awareness of the negative effects of corruption. Moreover, each Ministry will choose the best administrative worker, in order to raise awareness regarding the fight against corruption.

“Our goal is to improve citizens’ lives through honest office holders and institutions that work in the best interest of the country, and not their own or their party’s. In 2021, we’ll continue to implement GRECO recommendations,” Nikolovski underlined.

2021, the Deputy PM said, will also see the implementation of a project on interoperability between anti-corruption systems, which will enable institutions to exchange corruption-related information on a daily basis. The project, Nikolovski added, is expected to produce swift and efficient results in resolving suspected corruption cases.

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