When was the non-paper from Bulgaria delivered and why is the government silent about its content?  


For two days now, the Government of Zoran Zaev has been silent about the secret negotiations with Bulgaria. It is obviously planned that Buchkovski will secretly negotiate for the Macedonian language and identity. VMRO-DPMNE’s questions are questions asked by the citizens of Macedonia and they deserve answers. The Government is hiding the conditions and requirements from the Annex with 12 points from the citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE EC member Stefan Andonovski at Monday’s press conference.

He asks how long the Macedonian identity and language will be sold at some secret negotiating tables.

“The government allows Macedonia to be denied on TV shows in Sofia, and the Macedonian identity to be a ticket to bribery in negotiations with the EU. With the indicated Annex, things started to unwind. Last year’s information of VMRO-DPMNE was confirmed that the Macedonian government was handed a 12-point Annex, with negative positions on the Macedonian identity. Now we find out that that Annex was given to Zaev, Dimitrov and Osmani in November last year. Three months of silence for the Macedonian citizens. 3 months of secret negotiations. VMRO-DPMNE warned that the Annex seeks retouching of history and disputes attitudes towards minorities. However, this Annex is also dangerous for the Macedonian language. It should no longer be Macedonian, but only as a formality part of our Constitution. This tramples the decades-long struggle of the Macedonian revivalists from Gjorgjija Pulevski and Dimitrija Chupovski, to Krste Petkov Misirkov, to the official codification of the Macedonian language as Macedonian. Therefore, Minister Mila Carovska, alone and without a public debate, embarked on an educational reform that abolishes the subject of history. All this for the government to try to appease and satisfy the Bulgarian pre-election demands,” Andonovski said.

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