Buchkovski: We will reviewBulgaria’s positions on our Action Plan


Our working group will carefully consider the Bulgarian response to our proposed Action Plan so we can take a clear position, Vlado Buchkovski, the government’s special envoy for Bulgaria, told MIA following his meeting with Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva in Sofia on Monday.

Minister Zakharieva and Buchkovski exchanged ideas on North Macedonia’s Action Plan and related steps to restore trust between the two countries.

“My role as North Macedonia’s special envoyis a result of the Macedonian government’s efforts to achieve a solution to the bilateral dispute with Bulgaria and remove the obstacles to our country’s starting the EU negotiations,” said Buckovski.

Buchkovski noted that the proposed Action Plan contains specific steps on connecting the countries through Corridor 8 and cooperating in the areas of education, energy, culture, economy, and information technology. The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that Bulgaria had proposed an Action Plan for cooperation with the Republic or North Macedonia on implementing the Friendship Treaty, which was expected to be signed at the upcoming meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Committee, in line with Article 12 of the Treaty.

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