Carovska’s policies are backward, she should resign!


As a professor who coordinates the educational policies between 2020-2023 of the Nordic Platform for Scandinavian scientists in order to achieve UNESCO 2050 for the Nordic countries, I most responsibly claim that the policies of Mila Carovska are backward. I want them to be stopped before January 20, 2021, says Professor Jasna Koteska.

To summarize. 1. Mila came up with the 10th flight without science until the arrival of Bulgarian history textbooks. 2. Two scientific branches were planned at the Philological without written correspondence: linguistics and literature, but Macedonian was to be part of the branches. This is what they call a secret coup?

Mila Carovska should immediately resign as Minister of Education and Science. This is the first time I am requesting the resignation of the Ministry of Education and Science, but Mila MUST NOT be the head of the Ministry of Education and Science anymore. Change is absolutely necessary, but this is the opposite of what we have been demanding for decades and it is scary. I am absolutely behind this,” Koteska wrote on Twitter.

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