Government to forge the census with pre-arraigned numbers


The census that the government is pushing by force in the middle of a pandemic is not intended to be a statistical operation, but a forged census that will be the result of political bargaining between SDSM and DUI, said VMRO-DPMNE.

“In no democratic country is there a census without evidence, only by checking ID numbers and two signatures, but it will happen in Macedonia because Zoran Zaev has such an agreement with DUI for a number of certain ethnic communities that has been agreed on in advance. That is why the government rejected all the amendments that aimed to prevent the census falsification of the government, and that is why they do not want a census with a fingerprint, because only then can we know the real statistics that SDSM and DUI do not include in their bargaining. Neither the state nor the citizens will benefit from this forcing of the census, but only the two ruling parties. That is why they still do not publish the methodology for the census because they are busy creating fake numbers and a fake image of the population in Macedonia,” says VMRO-DPMNE.

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