Mickoski: The government does not consult with the opposition, there are no capital investments


The government was preparing a fifth set of measures, i.e financial assistance to the economy. Not a single sentence of consultation with opposition MPs, and businessmen expect a meeting, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

“There is no realization of capital investments, no new hospitals, no computer for every student, no help for farmers, but that is why there are cards and vouchers,” Mickoski said in a short reaction on social media.

The opposition leader reminds that the local elections should be held later this year, and reiterates the accusations from last year’s early parliamentary elections that the previous sets of measures to help in the coronacrisis were intended to bribe voters.

“Elections are around the corner, so they need to bribe and steal. That is what they know and can do. I hope there won’t be any complaints at embassies that the opposition is blocking,” Mickoski added.

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