Prendzov: In a normal country, the law on census also provides a methodology


GROM MP Ljupcho Prendzov in an interview for “Shto ne e jasno” show talked about the census law which is a very current topic in the period where he emphasized that census is needed especially in this period when as a nation and as a state we are denied by all parties. He said the opposition would vote against the law because it did not trust the government and the way the population would be enumerated.

“The law on the census was debated within the Parliament for three days, but there was a debate in the committees, of course in a fast-track procedure, because everything that is in the public interest that concerns two million citizens, the government behaves as if it were their private business and for the census. There was a lot of misinformation in the public that the opposition would block, boycott the census and so on, and it is good that we are starting to clarify things with this topic.A census in the Republic of Macedonia is needed and I support a census in our country, especially in this period when we are denied by all sides as a state and as a people. But when you look at how they represent it, the most important thing is for the citizens to know that there is no census methodology, what does that mean? This means that whenever a census is taken in any normal country, a methodology is provided along with the law. This means that the law is voted that there should be a census, and the methodology means how that census should be done,” says Prendzov.

He adds that neither the MPs from the opposition, nor the MPs from the government saw a methodology within the Parliament for how this census will be conducted. Some will vote because it was agreed on it, and others will vote against because we do not trust the government and we do not trust the way the population will be enumerated, said MP Prendzov.

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