1,349 full-time employees have been reassigned to 237 institutions, they will go to the transfer list in MISA if they refuse


1,349 full-time employees will be reassigned to 237 institutions, informs First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi at a press conference. He said that if the administration employees refuse the job, they will be put on the transfer list of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration and that if they refuse to work there as wee, then their employment contract will be terminated.

“The government has approved a plan to transfer administration staff. 1349 officials, primarily economists, lawyers, but also with secondary education will be reassigned to 237 institutions, bodies of state and local self-government. If the employees refuse to show up to the new assignment in seven days, which is likely as in many instances it’s believed that the employees actually don’t even live in Macedonia, they will be ordered to a new position. If they refuse again, they may be fired,” says Deputy OM Grubi.



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