The boycott is not for canceling the graduation exam, but for the this chool year’s changes, claim high school students


The union of high school students is not in favor of canceling the graduation exam. The union did not support the high school students who demanded it and insisted that there must be a state graduation exam. With this in mind, it is clear that the boycott of classes is not about canceling the graduation exam, but about changing it for this school year. That is why the Union does not agree that “the boycott is unjustified”, the Union of High School Students reacted after Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska’s statement to the media.

The union agrees that the state graduation exam is “a right to choose and that right is inviolable” and that it is taken by students who want to continue their education. However, regarding the fact that over 14 thousand graduates have already applied to take the state graduation exam in December, the Union points out in the reaction that in December the graduates were not sure if the graduation exam would be held at all.

The union adds that the proposed changes to the concept of graduation, which according to the MES will apply to the next generation of graduates, are completely reasonable for the Union because they preserve the seriousness of the educational process and at the same time the interest of students given, as stated – the (un)quality of distance learning.

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