The support for Anti-Corruption is only declarative, claims Ivanovska


President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) Biljana Ivanovska in an interview with the “Utrinski Brifing” said that they have already begun to build the feeling that the support of the government was declarative.

“We are developing a sense that the support from the Government is only nominal. The Government adopted a law for our work, came out with strong expressions of political will, but we need other resources to do our work, and we are not there just for the photo-ops,” said Ivanovska.

“I believed the story that money have run out due to the COVID-19 crisis and that I shouldn’t push too hard for new office space, but I don’t believe that story anymore,” Ivanovska said.

She pointed out that the building was meant to house SCPC and the financial police.

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