Nikolov: Filipche begs around for vaccines, and there are still no vaccines, Filipce to resign immediately!


    There will be a vaccine against coronavirus on time. With the donation of vaccines from neighboring friendly countries, the vaccination process will begin shortly. Filipche said this in October and December of last year, says VMRO-DPMNE’s Igor Nikolov at a press conference.

    “Initially, there will be vaccines from the COVAX mechanism. Vaccines from the COVAX mechanism are nowhere to be found. We negotiate directly with vaccine companies. There are no vaccines, no agreement with any of the manufacturers. Pfizer vaccines will be given to us by our neighbors. None of the neighboring countries gave us vaccines, even those who can give us we cannot receive, although we have been praying for them since December of last year. We are waiting for a response from China on the vaccines against COVID-19. This is the last statement of the Minister of Health. China wanted to give 90 thousand vaccines, but they do not have them because someone from the Ministry of Health was silent! Such a change of statements known as lying shows only one thing – there is no interest in the health of the citizens or it is at a very low level! It is simple – the vaccines for COVID-19, which are an important tool in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in Macedonia, are not available. We are asking publicly, who decided that the citizens should be left only to the COVAX vaccines, instead of activating all the mechanisms in time?”, Nikolov asks.



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