Filipche assures that the UK variant is milder but spreads quickly


Health Minister Venko Filipche says the detection of the UK variant in N. Macedonia was expected, since it is present in most European countries and the region.

UK studies have shown this virus mutation has a faster transmission by 70 percent.

“There is no room for panic, we remain cautious. Our preventive measures have produced results. It is true that the mutation is transmitted faster, but it is milder. Nevertheless, the preventive measures must be observed. Obviously, mask wearing and social distancing is crucial, especially considering this virus variant. We are closely monitoring the epidemiological situation. There are no further preventive measures for the time being,” says Filipche.

According to him, the health system is prepared if the situation escalates.

“It doesn’t mean that the mutation is imported from another country. The virus itself has a mutation tendency because it seeks the path of transmission. In this sense, the mutation could come from a certain area and not necessarily from travel abroad. In fact, the about 20 mutations confirmed here are not imported but authentic,” saysFilipche.

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