Violent census will not give valid results, warns Jakimovski


Why would it be a problem if we postpone the census for two months when it will be warmer, when the enumerators would be welcomedon the citizens’ terraces, in their yards and all that will be epidemiologically safer, and the government should not force a census if it wants to have successful results, said GROM leader Stevche Jakimovski on Wednesday’s “24 Analiza” on TV 24.

“The second thing that matters is the two signatures. With that, we literally make the state binational. So we are slowly making it with that bound signature and if an ethnic community is not satisfied with the results – it will not sign them. The next thing is the fingerprint, i.e. the inventory to be with a fingerprint. If we are already procuring them for the local elections in October, it would be a problem to procure them several months earlier. That will mean that there is no doubt and all of us and the citizens and political parties to stand behind the census, “added the leader of the opposition party Civic Option for Macedonia (GROM), which is part of the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE.

Jakimovski pointed out that he personally believes that even if all parties call for a census, the citizens will boycott it if there is any doubt among them. In conversations with friends of ten people for example, two explicitly say they will not participate.

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