SDSM and Zaev are the reason why we are the most corrupt country in Europe


The country did not get a Deputy Prime Minister for fight against corruption, but for managing corruption scandals that will break out in order to reduce the damage to the regime, said today Trajko Slaveski from VMRO-DPMNE, commenting on the latest results of the report of Transparency International on corruption in which the country is ranked 111th.

Slaveski assessed as absurd the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski in which he blames the previous government of VMRO-DPMNE.

“In the first four years after the change of government in 2006, the VMRO-DPMNE government managed to improve Macedonia’s position by as many as 38 seats – from the then shameful 105th place, inherited by SDSM, the country in 2010 was at a historically lowest 67th place on the Transparency International list, which means historically the best result so far. Contrary to this, in the period 2017-2020, during the time of SDSM, the result has deteriorated by 21 places, to be on the embarrassing 111th place on the list, reserved for highly corrupt countries,” said Slaveski.

As usual, said Slaveski, SDSM is looking for the reason for the debacle in the field of prevention of corruption and this time in the opposition and locates it in some alleged remnants in the field of judiciary.

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