The Transparency International report is not a citizens’ perception, but a result of research


The report of Transparency International Macedonia on the corruption index in the country is not a perception from the survey of the citizens, but is the result of a research analysis, said on Friday during the visit of Radio Leader the leader of this non-profit organization Slagjana Taseva commenting on yesterday’s report according to which Macedonia got the worst result after being measured in the country and replicating the attempt for its interpretation by government officials.

Taseva after yesterday’s accusations that Transparency International Macedonia is a national branch of a larger global coalition of non-governmental organizations, and has 120 members, which work as local non-governmental organizations, but the corruption perception index is prepared exclusively by the Secretariat of Transparency International, which is located in Berlin.

She clarified that the national branches are not involved at all in the formation of the results for the corruption perception index.

Regarding the accusations that the organization created a bad image in the report, she said that Transparency International is constantly on the other side of the government.

All information on the formation of this corruption perception index can be found on the website of Transparency International. Thirteen different studies conducted by renowned organizations were used, including the World Bank, the Institute of Economics, the Institute of Economic Intelligence, the Freedom House, the Global Insight Institute, the Brettelsmann Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the World Justice and Rule of Law Project. These are reputable organizations that conduct research with an already verified and established methodology.

Regarding the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski, he said that this report is only a perception of the citizens, Taseva pointed out that the citizens were not asked.

“Most of the surveys, and there are a total of 13, for Macedonia it is important that of those 13 for the country that ranks there should be at least three in the last two years. There are seven studies in the case of Macedonia. Even the arguments that these are conditions from before are not valid because we are talking about results from 2019 and 2020. We also show the movements of those researches in each year separately, to see how we move on all these parameters of the researches. In most cases, the economic research that is taken into account is conducted with surveys of individuals and companies who do not have to work in Macedonia, but have contact with Macedonia, the laws and the authorities,” said Taseva.

She stresses that this is a research that is not a perception of the citizens, but a statistic, cases are analyzed, surveys are conducted with people who have direct contact with that country which is included in the Corruption Perception Index.

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